Ever wonder what it would be like to stay overnight and tour one of the largest Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian Homes?  Now you can as the Elam House, the latest Frank Lloyd Wright overnight rental, opened for business on May 7, 2013.   Experience the wonder and fascination of Frank Lloyd Wright in this beautiful home which features 3 floor to ceiling fireplaces, two living rooms with soaring ceilings, cantilevered balcony, terrazzo and slate flooring, slate patio outside the guest entrance, over 100 windows, over 100 light fixtures all set into the ceiling, Webster Electric “Teletalk” System, dual keyboard Hammond organ, push button light switches, rare white cypress wood, massive limestone piers and stonework comparable to that of Taliesin. The limestone was trucked in from a quarry near Spring Green, Wisconsin, near Taliesin where Wright lived.


The Elam Home was built at the brow of a hill as many of Wright’s homes were. You can experience the outdoors right inside one of the living rooms as the windows create one full wall of glass in each living room.



The 820 square foot Guest House suite has one bedroom and sleeps two comfortably.   The guest bedroom has a queen sized bed, in-suite bath room including separate shower, bath tub and walk-in closet.

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The guest quarters also include a living room and kitchen.   The living room has a private entrance, dining area, Smart TV with streaming services, VHS and DVD player, Stereo with CD player, and complementary Wi-Fi access.


The hallway pocket door will be closed and locked before and after your tour to ensure the privacy of our guests and our family.


The “Teletalk” system has three base stations, one at the head of the stairs, one in the master bedroom and one in the guest living room with receivers in each room. including the garage.   The white button allows you to buzz guests in the front door.



A dual keyboard Hammond organ was in the house when the Plunkett’s purchased it.    The organ is hard wired to a large speaker system in the main living room.   Like the Teletalk system, the organ is on our list of things to renovate.


Push button light switches and light switch boxes are another feature of this home.   The master bedroom sports a 12 switch panel which controlled most of the major lighting systems in the home with illuminated push buttons.    By just looking at the panel, you could tell if any lights were left on before retiring for the evening.    Conversely, if you were awakened by something during the night, you could flip on some of the lights before investigating.    The garage also has a 12 switch push button panel which enables you to turn on or off important lights upon entering or exiting the house.    Each push button indicates whether the light is on or off with little light bulbs.


Each window designed to open has a Pella roll up screen.    Mr. Wright despised anything that cluttered a home such as cumbersome screen panels that would have to be installed each spring and removed in the fall.    The home also has many built in cabinets and two small storage areas above the bathrooms in the master bedroom and the guest bedroom.


Frank Lloyd Wright never designed any furniture for the Elam House.   Therefore, there is no Frank Lloyd Wright furniture in the house at this time.   However, the original Elam living room table and couch are present in the Guest living room.



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